An excuse of game v0.41D - First devblog post

First post of the devblog.
I'm still not sure how i should post and about that. I don't think the development of the game would be interesting for people.
That said a couple of days ago i posted the game in the RPG Codex's forum and got some feedback about a button to turn off the music. Then i implemented it. For now you can only turn on/off in the town menu, i need to completely rework the combat scene. So adding it there would be pointless.

Also i fixed some wierd bugs that were making the game get stuck, i think alot of people got stuck said "not worth my time" and just passed the game, what's a shame. If you ever find a bug in a indie game: report. Seriously i have access to a single system to test the build, if the game is getting bugged in others system i have no way of knowing. We need you to say there's a problem.

Also i will take a look at the toggle buttons, i'm not happy about the lag when it should change the color back to normal.(You need to click somewhere else for some reason)

Well. that's the end of my first post. I hope you who read it got something useful from it, or at least entertaining.

Thanks for the attention.



v0.41D 30 MB
Apr 04, 2018

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