How to play:

New game > Start Mission > First Mission. 
Hovering shows the enemy on the combat bar. Hitting a enemy moves him back in the combat bar. Try to win the fight.

An excuse of game. Is a game of management with a turn based battle system. The plan is for it also be very mod friendly.

Most of the options "works" but not in the browser version. Also some stuff are placeholders.

As you may notice the game has no graphic, because: I'm not a artist, i'm looking for a artist. But while i don't find anyone i think it's fair to keep going and improving the game as much as possible.

I'm posting this build right now to gather feedback in what i should focus, what direction i should go in the short term to make this project more enjoyable.(Aside from the graphical stuff. the plan is to later on hire someone that is actually good at it to take care of it)

I have a patreon at: if you liked what you saw please feel free to suport, even a follow is a big help.